Dandy Reiner grew up among the rivers and streams of Montana. She started
fly fishing as a child along with her sister, under the tutelage of their
father Dean Reiner, a long time Montana Outfitter. After completing her
education at Montana State University, earning a degree in English
Literature, she went to work in her father’s fly shop in Livingston,
Montana. Dandy now owns and runs the business, her father still tying flies
for her. She takes pride in owning one of the few woman owned fly shops.
Hatchfinders Fly Shop is a full service shop that offers guided trips and
they tie every fly they sell. Dandy ties Dean’s innovative fly patterns and
has studied under the Japanese master fly tyer, Koichi Kawai. When she
isn’t tying or fly fishing, she is putting her college degree to use by
composing poems about tying or fly fishing. More information about Dandy
and Hatchfinders Fly Shop in Livingston, Montana.

The Pink Pookie fly pattern is a go-to hopper pattern for the Yellowstone River.

Thanks again go to the FFF for allowing us to film at their library.


  • Hook: Dai-Riki 320, size 6-8 ——————————- Buy on Amazon
  • Thread: Fluorescent orange or red 6/0 —————— Buy on Amazon
  • Body: pink 2mm ribbed Fly Foam ————————- Buy on Amazon
  • Wing: light or bleached elk hair ————————– Buy on Amazon
  • Head: light gray or tan thin Fly Foam folded back. —- Buy on Amazon
  • Indicator: Orange Fly Foam for the strike indicator—- Buy on Amazon
  • Legs: Medium speckled-yellow centipede legs ——— Buy on Amazon

Dandy has been a generous contributor to this site. Check out more of Dandy’s Patterns!
Floating Baetis Emerger – Dandy Reiner
Leggy Spruce Moth – Dandy Reiner
Double Beaded Stonefly Nymph – Dandy Reiner
Caddis Soft Hackle – Dandy Reiner
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Rusty Spinner – Dandy Reiner
The Purple Haze – Dandy Reiner
The Pink Lady – Dandy Reiner
CDC Spent Wing Midge – Dandy Reiner
Spent Wing CDC Caddis – Dandy Reiner
Stock Body CDC Drake Dun – Dandy Reiner

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