The Orange Asher Blog-Post & Recipe:

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady Laher ties the Orange Asher!

Let’s talk about classics for a moment. Maybe a lesser-known classic such as the Orange Asher. This fly was created by Colorado’s Jack Howarth some time ago. Forgotten by most, the Orange Asher can provide the presentation and imitation needed to put fish in your net. The variation tied here is intended to be as close to the original as possible, utilizing the orange floss for the body and omitting the more modernly added tail. This bug is effective as a midge dry fly imitation from stillwaters to tailwaters. When tying, make sure to cover a wide array of sizes for various fishing scenarios. When fishing tailwaters in the Winter, target rising fish with the Orange Asher in size 18 or smaller. On stillwaters, this fly can be deadly when used to imitate Chironomids in sizes 14 and 16. Any way you shake it this fly deserves a permanent position in your dry fly arsenal.


  • Hook – Daiichi 1110 Large Eye
  • Thread – Veevus 16/0 Black
  • Body – Uni-Floss Burnt Orange
  • Hackle – Grizzly Dry Cape

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