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Kieran Frye has been tying flies since 1981. He is an award winning tyer, including the 1994 Mustad Scandinavian Open held in Oslo, Norway. Many of Kieran’s patterns were developed during his days afield in his home state of Pennsylvania.


  • Hook: Mustad dryfly hook, sizes 10-12
  • Thread: Black 8/0 Uni thread
  • Body: Moose body hair tied on a needle
  • Wing/Post: The butts from the end of the extended body tied on the hook, then lifted upright like a wing or parachute post.
  • Hackle/Legs: 8-10 moose body hairs divided equally on each side of the post with the tips pointing back to the end of the body. The butts will form the legs. Tie them down behind and infront of the wing post then just fan them out with your fingers.

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