From Jesse:

Born and raised in Northern Utah. Have tied since I was 8 years old and fished many places and countries, but mostly in Western streams and lakes. Love to use a combination of synthetic and natural material in fly designs and think that makes the best performing and selling pattern. Currently work for Rainy’s Flies as manager and head of Customer Service, product development, and sales. (


  • Hook: 1X Long Dry Fly Hook
  • Thread: Yellow 6/0 & Red 6/0 for Egg cluster
  • Body: Rainy’s Yellow 1/8” Evazote sheet foam
  • Wing: Natural Light (Bull) Elk hair
  • Hackle: Brown Dry Fly Saddle

Places specifically used a lot: Rivers, streams, etc. Where there is a little yellow stonefly hatch or as a general attractor.

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