Dean Reiner has been tying for many years, constantly seeking that perfectly tied fly. He started Hatchfinders Fly Shop in 1999 and turned the business over to his daughter, Dandy Reiner. Dean is in the shop 7 days a week, drinking coffee, tying flies, and spinning fishing tales.

Thanks again go to the Dandy and Dean for allowing us to film at their tying benches.


  • Hook: Dai-Riki #320, #10 and 12 ————————- Buy on Amazon
  • Thread: Uni-Thread, Brown 8/0 ————————– Buy on Amazon
  • Body: Rooster Saddle stem, Saddle Brown ——– Buy on Amazon
  • Thorax: Superfine dubbing, Brown ——————— Buy on Amazon
  • Legs: CDC, Black ———————————————— Buy on Amazon
  • Wing: Hen Cape, Pale Watery Dun ———————– Buy on Amazon

You can find more patterns by Dean or select from the ones below:
Upside Down Drake Thorax – Dean Reiner
Wilted Spinach – Dean Reiner
Kamikaze Hopper – Dean Reiner
Land’s Pattern – Dean Reiner
CDC Parachute Caddis – Dean Reiner

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