Q: There are so many patterns, what’s the best way to find what I’m looking for?
A: On the home page, there’s a search block and a dropdown list of categories to choose from.

Q: I have a question, comment, or suggestion. How do I voice that?
A: Your best bet is to contact the tier directly. Our specialty is in filming and hosting these fly tiers. They are the experts in the actual patterns and materials. Elsewise, you might reach out to your local fly shop or tying club or leaving a comment on our Youtube Channel.

Q: There’s a broken link on this site, how do I get it fixed?
A: Thanks for finding that. This site has been around for many years now and some links may no longer be valid. Please use the contact form to let us know the link and the post in which it is embedded.

Q: How do we leave comments on the posts in this site.
A: You don’t. Unfortunately, the level of spammers out there makes filtering for real comments a full time job. Filming, editing, and posting videos is a big enough job and we just can’t dedicate that much time to comments instead of providing great content. Perhaps in the future, we will find a way to allow for that.

Q: I have a question not in this FAQ.
A: Please reach out to us via our Contact Form.

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