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A cool and productive variation on the Griffith’s Gnat.
Thanks to Hatch Finders Fly shop for hosting us.
Willy discovered his passion for fly fishing at the early age of six. Shortly thereafter, he began tying his own flies for trout, salmon steelhead, and shad. Willy found his love of lake fishing early and has continued to fish stillwaters, becoming known far and wide for his expertise and knowledge. He has fished all over northern California, Idaho, and Montana. From famous blue ribbon trout rivers to high mountain lakes and reservoirs, from farm ponds to the big lakes, Willy has guided for over twenty years in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Willy has continued to develop his fly tying skills and fly tying recipes and is currently a signature tyer for Brookside Flies out of Denver, Co. He guides and teaches via Willy’s Trout World He uses any number of Echo fly rods to ply his craft, including our spey and switch rods and is currently working on the new design of Airflo fly lines for special presentation on lakes.


  • Hook : 9672 size 8 thru 16 ———————– Buy on Amazon
  • Thread : Grey or choice 70 denier ————– Buy on Amazon
  • Tail : White poly or Widows web —————- Buy on Amazon
  • Rear Body : Peacock Herl ————————- Buy on Amazon
  • Hackle : Grizzly ———————————— Buy on Amazon
  • Center : Thread ———————————— Buy on Amazon
  • Front Body : Peacock Herl ———————— Buy on Amazon
  • Wing : CDC puff color of choice —————– Buy on Amazon
  • Head : Thread ————————————– Buy on Amazon

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