Rick is back with another of his favorite fly tying patterns. This one is personal. The pattern was developed by Rick’s friend and famous angler Dave Whitlock. This is a classic fly pattern for trout and has a lot of potential for those cold water species. Take a look and tie a few up.

Rick has now tied quite a few trout fly tying videos for us. Take a look at the list below or select from the dropdown list to the right.


  • Hook: TMC 3769 #6-18 or any 1x or 2x long nymph-weftly hook.
  • Thread: 8/0 Rusty Brown
  • Tail: hair from a red fox squirrels back
  • Rib: gold Lagartun med. oval tinsel
  • Abdomen: hair from the belly of a red fox squirrel mixed w/ bronze antron fibers.
  • Thorax: body hair from a red fox squirrel /grey bridle-barred mixed with the under fur.
  • Hackle: Hungarian Partridge from the back of the bird.
  • Head: 8/0 Rusty Brown uni-thread.

Note: Wapsi fly produces Dave Whitlock’s SLF blend dubbing. Specifically #1 & #2

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