Wayne has tied most every type of fly he could get his vise clamped onto since 1974. He has demonstrated at numerous local, regional, national, and international events, including National FFF Conclaves since 1980. His work has been published in several magazines and books in the U.S. as well as Europe, including Tying the Classic Salmon Fly edited by Mike Radencich, and more recently Wayne tied the flies for Basic Fly Tying: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started edited by Jon Rounds, photographed by Mike Radencich, and illustrated by John McKim. Wayne received the Wayne “Buz” Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award in 1991. Wayne is especially fond of teaching the details of fly tying through better understanding of the nature of tying materials as well as better application and use of tying thread.


  • Hook: Daiichi 1260, #14-16 or Daiichi 1130, #16-20
  • Thread: Danville’s Flymaster 6/0
  • Tail: Zelon or Microzelon
  • Abdomen: Ringneck or Golden Pheasant tail feather barbs
  • Thorax: Dubbing blend
  • Wing: CDC, Type #2 feather
  • Head: Dubbed Whip Finish

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