Gordon Cordova

Green Rockworm Caddis tied by Gordon Cordova on the fly tying vise

Green Rockworm Caddis – Gordon Cordova

RECIPE: Hook: Wetfly hook to size ———– Buy on Amazon Head: Black Transparent bead—– Buy on Amazon Thread: Black ————————– Buy on Amazon Body: Chartreuse Vernille Thorax: Brown dubbing brush —- Buy on Amazon Tools: Nor-vise rotary vise ——————– Buy on Amazon Nor-vise Fine point conversion —- Buy on Amazon […]

Blood Midge fly pattern on the tying vise

Blood Midge – Gordon Cordova

Gordon Cordova ties up his popular and effective nymph pattern, the Blood Midge. A big thanks to Gordon for taking time to share his pattern and expertise. Recipe: Hook: size 18 curved caddis Head: small petite cross stitching bead Thread: 14/0 Ribbing: extra small red midge wire Wing: antron Thorax: […]