Salmonid Patterns

Slim Grizzly Nymph – The Fly Fiend

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Pheasant Tail Black on vice

Pheasant Tail Black – Barry Ord Clarke on The Feather Bender

A little effective variant of the classic that you can fish in both still and running water all year round. A couple of nice techniques here to take further on other patterns. Visit my site The Feather Bender Youtube Site Follow on Facebook: Want to watch in 4K […]

Dirty Johnny Fly

Dirty Johnny – Hopper Juan Ramirez

The Dirty Johnny is a general attractor that mixes and combines several pattern ideas into one pattern. Juan ties this in several colors to match what I need. Wing options on the original Dirty Johnny is Flash under Calf Tail under Widow’s Web. Either wing works well and refer to […]

Orange Asher fly

Orange Asher – Brady Laher from Avidmax

The Orange Asher Blog-Post & Recipe: In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady Laher ties the Orange Asher! Let’s talk about classics for a moment. Maybe a lesser-known classic such as the Orange Asher. This fly was created by Colorado’s Jack Howarth some time ago. Forgotten […]

Juicy Bloodworm

Juicy Bloodworm – Andy Saunders

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Green Lantern Pheasant Tail – Into The Net Fly Tying

RECIPE: Hook: U101 #12 Body/Tail/Wingcase/Legs: Pheasant Tail Rib: Sm Chartreuse Ultra Wire Thorax: Sm Green Glass Beads Thread: Veevus 14/0 Brown Other: Z-ment This is a twist on the classic pheasant tail nymph. I am all about peacock herl, but the glass beads give this pattern a cool see-through aesthetic […]

Black Mamba Fly Pattern examples

Black Mamba – UKFlyFisher

Essentially a black Zonker but with some UK variation. In today’s video, we are looking at the famous and deadly Black Mamba fly pattern. I first tied this style of Black Zonker in 2012 and ever since, it has been my number 1 fly in terms of producing fish, every […]

Tying Quill Bodied Flies – Kelly Galloup

In this video, Kelly will go over some basics on tying quill bodied flies while tying up a classic Red Quill dry fly. You can purchase the Polish Quills he talks about here: Want to watch in 4K with NO ADS? Check out our UHD Subscription. This post may […]

Soft Hackle Emerger Tied By Charlie Craven – InTheRiffle

Charlie Craven’s Pattern on InTheRiffle YouTube channel. MENU: Hook: TMC 101 #16-22 Thread: 8/0 Uni, Gray Tails: White Flouro-Fiber Abdomen: Gray Beaver Or Muskrat Dubbing Wing: White Flouro-fiber Hackle: Med Dun Hen Neck Hackle Thorax: Gray Beaver Or Muskrat Dubbing The Soft Hackle Emerger is an old pattern for me […]

Tying a Claret Peter Ross – Davie McPhail

MENU: Hook, Fulling Mill Competition Heavyweight size 12 Thread, Black Tail, Golden Pheasant Tippet Rib, Fine Gold Wire Body, Gold Tinsel Thorax Claret and Red Seals Fur or Sub Hackle, Claret Hen Wing, Bronze Mallard Eyes, Jungle Cock More from Davie McPhail at Want to watch in 4K with […]

Beginner Fly Tying a Royal Coachman Bucktail with Jim Misiura

Menu: Hook: 2xl 3xl Streamer #4 – #12 Weight: Optional Thread: Black Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet Body: 1/3 Peacock Herl 1/3 Red Floss 1/3 Peacock Herl Collar Coachman Brown Hackle Wing: White Calf or Bucktail More great patterns by Jim Misiura on his YouTube channel: Want to watch in […]

Fly Tying a Winter Grayling / Brown Trout Jig by Mak fly tying video

Great Pattern for Winter Grayling & Brown Trout Hook size 14 Jig ,, Bead 2.8 Tungsten Copper ,,, Thread Black Body Holo Tinsel with Copper Coloured Red Wire Tail Light Olive Cock Hackle ,, Shoulder Dubbing Rainbow Mix More patterns by Makflies at their YouTube channel: Want to watch […]

Red Larva Fly Pattern – Hopper Juan Ramirez

A simple San Juan River Midge Larva that can be fished anywhere. Hook: Daiichi 1153, Red hook Size 18 Thread: Red 8/0 Body: Red Hareline Micro Tubing or Wapsi Micro Tubing over Thread See more from Hopper Juan Ramirez on his youtube channel: Want to watch in 4K with […]

How to tie The Magic Quilldigon | Fly Tying

See the original post at Ingredients & Recipe Hook – MFC 7220 Jig Hook Thread – UTC 70 Denier Tan Tail – CDL Dark Pardo Ribbing – Magic Quill Dark Edge Medium Bead – Countersunk Tungsten Gold UV Finish – Loon UV Fl Orange and Black See tools used […]