The Candyman Streamer Blog-Post & Recipe

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Max Pavel ties the Candyman Streamer!

The Candyman is a big fish meat snack. It can fool bass, trout, pike, and any other big fish looking to eat little fish. You can tie it in any color combination you want. The bread and butter color combo is the yellow barred rabbit with a brown and yellow schlappen body. If you would like to cut down on the flashiness of this fly, take two pieces of schlappen (use contrasting colors) and tie them in on top of one another and start palmering them. Do not try to twist them together as the stem will break. Don’t be afraid to get sporadic with your strips with this pattern to imitate wounded baitfish darting from side to side. This fly is designed to push a lot of water and alert fish that a big easy meal is waiting for them to grab.

The Candyman Streamer Ingredients List:

  • Hook – Ahrex PR320 1/0
  • Thread – Veevus 6/0 White
  • Body – Barred Magnum Rabbit Zonker Olive
  • Body – MFC Sparkle Minnow Brush 50/50 Pearl
  • Body – Hareline White Schlappen
  • Articulation – Senyos Intruder Wire
  • Articulation – Firehole 4.5mm Tungsten Bead
  • Head – Flymen Baitfish Heads Medium
  • Legs – Wapsi Chrome Barred Sili Legs Hot Pink
  • Resin – Loctite Super Glue
  • Resin – Bone Dry Clear

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