Bubba’s Phat Ant may not seem like a fish catcher but it is. And, really stands out on the water.

Dan Gard spent 18 years as a fishing guide and has been tying flies for 25. He serves as a Signature Tyer with Yellowstone Fly Goods.
He began tying flies because back then the market only had limited patterns. Dan wanted more, so he learned everything he could about aquatic entomology and put it to use on the vice. Eventually, he decided to take it up a few notches and became a guide. It allowed him to fish many of Montana’s rivers and get paid for it. Quite a deal. The Missouri, Smith, Big Hole and Madison have all entertained him and his clients. He had to retire from the guiding a few years ago but he still ties and hits the water whenever he can.

Hook: DaiRiki #12 700
Thread: Red A+
Body: Red or Black 1/8” Evazote Foam
Hackle: Brown or Grizzly Hackle
Wing: Lateral Scale Pearl – Large

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