Boots Allen has joined The Weekly Fly again. This week he ties up his Booty’s Bead Tail Jig. This one takes some agile fingers and maybe some readers to manipulate the little beads but it’s a tasty little bug. Enjoy and let us know how it goes for you.


  • Hook: MFC Wide Gap Jig, #10 to #20
  • Thread: Veevus14/0 or size to match body, color to match body
  • Thread for Extended Body: GSP in olive or color to match body
  • Extended Body Beads: Glass, size and color to match body
  • Body Beads: Glass, size and color to match body
  • Head Bead: Gunmetal or silver tungsten, size to match body
  • Body Dubbing: Hare’s Ice Dub, color to match body
  • Antennae: Lemon-barred wood-duck flank fibers
  • Veil: Natural, gray, or white CDC
  • Collar: Ostrich herl, color to match body

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