From Jerry:

I am a fly tier from La Pine, Oregon. I retired to Central Oregon in “2004” to follow my passion for the sport of fly fishing and fly tying which took hold of me in the early 80’s. I was blessed with a great mentor and teacher in the late Andre’ Puyan’s who with great patience and humor cleaned up my tying by teaching me the classic techniques of the fly tiers craft. Andre’ believed that with great technique there is not a fly that you couldn’t tye. It is the way and how I teach today in my own classes.
I demonstrate at the most of the tier conclaves and The Fly Fishing Shows in the Western US. I teach and do demos at the local Orvis store, as well as coordinate a winter fly tying series for the Central Oregon Fishers for which I am a member. In “2009”, I received the Stan Walters Memorial Fly Tier of Year award from, the Oregon Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers. I am humbled to be in the same class as the past winners of this great award, and I will continue to teach and pass on the fly tying craft for that is the only way it can live on.


  • Hook: 103 Ba #17
  • Thread: 8/0 Rusty Dun or Grey
  • Tail: Micro-fibits dun or Coq de Leon
  • Body: Fine Dry fly Light grey to Olive
  • Rib: Light cahill tying thread or rusty dun
  • Hackle: Grizzly or Dunn tyer
  • Hair stacker or pullover style

Blue-winged Olive flies is a collective term used by anglers in fly fishing to identify a broad array of mayflies having olive, olive-brown bodies and bluish wings in their adult form. Sometimes referred to as BWO , a wide array of artificial flies are tied to imitate adult, nymphal and emerging stages of the aquatic insect. While the family Baetidae probably has the most species identified as blue-winged olives, another mayfly family Ephemerellidae also contains some. Collectively, blue-winged olive mayflies are an important food source in most trout streams, thus their widespread imitation by fly tiers.

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