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From Al:

I grew up in Michigan and have fished as long as I can remember. After graduating college, I moved to California and gravitated toward fly fishing almost exclusively. I have been tying “seriously” since 1983 and have been a tying instructor both independently and for several Colorado fly shops since 2000. In 2005 I also began guiding along Colorado’s front range. Currently I am a member of Whiting Farms Pro Staff and am employed by PEAK Fishing and I have several fly patterns commercially available. In addition to guiding, tying instruction and demos, my wife Diana and I own and operate our own company geared primarily toward flyfishing education services. More detailed information is available at


  • Hook:  Daiichi 2451 sz 2 through 4
  • Articulated Shank:  55mm through 35mm
  • Flymen Fishing Company Sculpin Helmet:  Large or Small – Brown
  • Tail:  Marabou, Black Barred Tan (tied on hook) supported by several wraps of Brown Saddle Hackle
  • Butt:  Marabou, Black Barred Tan supported by several wraps of Brown Saddle Hackle
  • Body:  Laser Dub, Tan underneath, alternating bands of Brown and Dark Tan on top
  • Flash:  Krinkle Mirror Flash, Root Beer
  • Collar:  Schlappen, Grizzly Varient Brown

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