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Welcome! TheWeeklyFly started out of a side project by  While RAM still creates great video content for non-profits, small businesses, and government agencies, the popularity of TheWeeklyfly allowed it to take on a life of its own.

Our mission is to provide professionally produced fly tying videos from the best tiers we can find and provide that content to beginner, intermediate, and advanced tiers for free. Over the years, the site has evolved technically from self-hosted videos to videos hosted on our YouTube channel. We have also set up a store to allow you to go ad-free or download full resolution copies (mostly 720p) for a nominal fee including several video collections not available on this site.

We have recently switched blogging software to what you see now. As we move forward, we hope to make this site even more of a positive community to promote the sport of responsible fly fishing and the art of fly tying.

You can support this site by watching the videos and supporting the individual tiers who have generously donated their time and skills to help support viewers like you.